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Text Box: We choose our supplier partners very carefully to ensure that our customers 
are receiving high-quality units with world-class standards and features. 
Our primary partners include Lennox and Panasonic, both accomplished 
engineering companies with internationally-recognised brand names and quality 
products that are the envy of their competition. 

Today, the Lennox name is recognized throughout the world for quality home 
comfort. So when you see the Lennox label, you can count on exceptional 
performance and reliability. And when you see the Dave Lennox signature, 
you know you're getting the finest, most innovative heating, cooling and 
indoor air quality products available

Features Include:
Ultra-Quiet Operation * Durable Condenser with Anti-Rust Paint * 
Auto Restart after power black outs * Sleep Mode
We stock Mini-Split systems in sizes - 
12,000btu; 18,000btu and 24,000btu
Which Size do I need?

Panasonic Air-Conditioners are premium quality product packed with features:-
So Quiet, You Might Not Know It's Running
In conventional window-type air conditioners, most of the noise comes from 
the compressor. Panasonics split air conditioners use an advanced design 
that minimizes indoor unit noise. The compressor - and the compressor noise - 
stay outside where it can't disturb you. 
Anti-microbial Filter for Clean, Fresh Air 
Manufactured by 3M, the anti-microbial filter inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, which is certain to allow your entire household to breathe a little easier. In testing1, the anti-microbial filter showed no growth over a 28-day period, whereas normal filter paper exhibited up to 60%. 

Economy Mode for Energy Savings Economy Mode sets the indoor unit's 
airflow flap to auto air-swing, the temperature to 0.9 degrees higher than 
the original set temperature, and the fan speed to Super Low. This mode is 
best used when you feel comfortable with the current room condition and 
want to save energy. 
User-Friendly Remote Control    Use the remote control in the dark with 
easy-to-find illuminated buttons. It also features a large display screen and 
simple access to the most frequently used buttons (On/Off; temperature 
settings and up/down directional fan buttons). You can also operate the r
emote in either pre-programmed (powerful, economy or quiet) or individual 
setting mode (airflow direction, fan speed, temperature setting, timer 
operation etc.).